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It's best to KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING INTO. If you're not happy with your career choice it spills over into the rest of your life. Take the time and do a little research to find out what your chosen career field can or cannot offer.

The links below are designed to give you a variety of sources on exploring career choices. Take the time - do it right - a lot of your future depends on it.

Learn How to Become ...What is a career? While many people use the words “job” and “career” interchangeably, the two have very different meanings. Throughout your life, you may hold various jobs starting, perhaps starting when you are in high school or earlier. Typically, people pursue just one career. A career is a journey, and something you will be committed to in the long term. It consists of different steps and, ideally, it is something that you feel is your calling.

Texas Reality Check ...Don't know how much money you will need to earn in the future? Don't know which occupation to choose? No problem!  Texas Reality Check has the answers/

At Nursing Schools Guide, we pride ourselves on researching nearly every nursing school, degree program, and career. It is our goal to do the leg work for our readers (you), so you can know that you are reading trusted, detailed information that can help you figure out which nursing degree or school is the best option for you.

Career Voyages ...wonderful career exploration tool from the DOL and Department of Education. Different sections guide young people, career changers, parents, and even career advisors to resources and information designed to help with choosing and preparing for a career.

America's Career InfoNet ...part of the America's Job Bank network, this is a tremendous source of information on hundreds of occupations and can help you identify transferable skills used by many occupations, what industries employ persons in these occupations, and what compensation you can expect.

Occupational Outlook Handbook ...the latest edition of this biannual handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is now online. It lists a wealth of career information for a wide range of occupations, including a brief review of important features and "what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects.

O'NET Resource Center... O*NET OnLine was created for the general public-to provide broad access to the O*NET database of occupational information. This database includes information on skills, abilities, knowledges, work activities, and interests associated with occupations.

Nursing related health care jobs are in high demand across the country, especially in rural areas where primary healthcare is lacking. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 50 nursing related health care jobs, ranked according to the number of employed workers in the country in May 2013. The employment level, pay rates, and other information on this list are courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates.

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