BMW Wheels To Work Roadster
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  Wheels To Work is one of the many services offered by the Central Texas Workforce Centers. Wheels To Work provides low cost automobiles to eligible participants who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to securing and or retaining employment but encounter transportation as a major barrier to accomplishing this goal. Eligibility for interested participants is as follows:
  • Individual is receiving or has received TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) assistance through the Department of Human Services and has then been enrolled in the Choices Program at the Workforce Center.
  • Individual has a driver's license valid in the state of Texas.
  • Individual can provide proof of insurability.
  • Individual signs a "Release From Liability and Statement of Understanding" form.

Patriot Pontiac Giveaway - Choices Client
If you meet the eligibility criteria listed above and want more information on participating in the Wheels To Work Program, please contact your Workforce Specialist for additional information.
AutoMax Giveaway 1999
If any dealership, or individual is interested in donating a car, in good running condition, contact Roseann Lucidi at the Killeen Workforce Center, 254-200-2217 or by email below. Roseann will be able to answer all questions concerning tax advantages, rules, etc.

1999 Awards Banquet - Albuquerque
The "Wheels To Work" program received it's first award in November 1999. Roseann Lucidi was there to accept on behalf of the program she founded.

no postage required.
For more information E-mail Roseann Lucidi!

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